st Nordic pet food seminar November 17-18, 2015 Stavanger, Norway 1
”Fit for the future - Helping your pet food business grow in the 21st Century”
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DAY 1                Topic                                                                           Speaker 08:30 -09:00     Registration at the registry table                                               Organisation 09:00-09:15      Welcome note 09:15-09:55      Overview of the global / European pet food markets                          (trends; innovation Challenges in the 21st century and how                          to meet them                                                                                         David Primrose, SFI Ltd, UK 09:55-10:35      Pea products : A natural and healthy alternative                          in grain free Pet food formulations                                                Dr. Laura Gil Martens, AM Nutrition, Norway 10:35-10:55      Coffee break 10:55-11:35       L-Carnitine to Positively Influence the Aging Process in                          Companion Animals                                                                             Dieter Zopf, Lonza, Germany                                                                                                     11:35-12:15      Rapid Viscosity Analyses as a tool for Pet food production            Mark Bason, Perten, Sweden 12:15-13:15      Lunch 13:15-13:55      Protein source raw materials in extruded dog food                         Prof. Dr. Oystein Jahn Ahlstrom, NMBU, Norway , 13:55-14:35      Krill -Care for your Pet and Care for your Planet                         Signe Svindland, AkerBiomarine, Norway 14:35-15: 15    Pet Food - The Risks & Rewards of Novel Ingredients                         Stacey Aram, Trouw Nutrition GB, UK 15:15-15:35     Fruit and Coffee break   15:35 -16:15     Bee products as novel ingredients for pets                                    Dr. Med. Bozo Radic, Hedera, Croatia 16:15-16:55      Enzymatic separation – The natural production                          of Salmon Meal and Oil                                                                      Charsten Hjelde, Biomega, Norway 16:55-17:35      Pet food premixes for the future (preliminary title)                             Dr Andrew Miller, Premier Nutrition, UK     Day 2               Topic                                                                                               Speaker 08:30-09:10      “Future of opportunities with new coating technology”             Dr. Stephan Sternowsk, Amandus                                                                                                                                            Kahl, Germany 09:10-09:50      Novel protein-based raw materials and their                          proses-ability characterization in combination with enzymes"  Dejan Miladinovic, NMBU, Norway 09:50-10:30      Freeze drying - future of treats and complete food                         Mathias Romsås, Norskdyremat AS,  Norway 10:30-10:50      Coffee break 10:50-11:30      Animal meals and by products: importance of knowing                          your raw materials                                                                           Dr. May Helen Holme, Ewos Innovation, Norway 11:30-12:10      Snacks and treats -  extrusion production                                    Cristian Atienza, Buhler, Sweden 12:10-13:10      Lunch 13:10-13:50      Importance of raw material quality on brand development         David Primrose, on the behalf of Seatreats Ltd                         13:50-14:30      Technical quality of carbohydrate raw materials and their                          influence on production of the dry pet food                                    Milka K. Tesla, Passion4Feed AS, Norway  14:30- 14:50       Thank you note and discussion 14:50-16:00      Coffee and Fruit and Networking